Group photos post activities at Way Kambas National Park Natural Forest, Lampung (Source: 2018 Tropical Forest Ecology Assistant Team)

Author: Nur FaizRamdhani (Forestry Engineering 2015) & Dr. Yoyo Suhaya, S.Hut. MSi

Documentation: 2018 Tropical Forest Ecology Assistant Team

Group photos post activities at Way Kambas National Park Natural Forest, Lampung (Source: 2018 Tropical Forest Ecology Assistant Team)

Jatinangor, — Dr. Endah Sulistyawati and Dr.Yoyo Suhaya, a lecturer of Tropical Forest Ecology course, conducted a field study to Way Kambas National Park (TNWK), Lampung province. There were around 51 students of Forestry Engineering Undergraduate Program who participated in this program. The study held for 4 days (11-14 April 2018) aimed to apply ecological understanding and practical measurement techniques in the low-land rainforest remaining in Indonesia.

The activities of field study was concentratedat Way Kanan Resort, TNWK. While, students stayed overnight at Way Kanan Resort Homestay. In this study field, all of students was assignedto do some measurement activities in natural forests, such as: vegetation analysis, bird observation, and also setting-upvarious ecological research tools: pitfall traps, malaise traps, light traps, and life traps. Moreover, there were also guest lecture from the Rhino Protection Unit (RPU) and Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) delivering topic about “The protection and conservation of the Sumatran rhino”, and also from The Elephant Conservation Center (PKG) who delivering topic about “Sumatran elephant conservation”. All lectures provided aimed to understand the ecological processes that occur and conservation efforts that have been carried out in TNWK.

Measurement activities, setting-up ecological tools, and conservation materials in TNWK

A field study out of Java island is planned to be held annually. The studies on lowland natural forests are needed for Forestry Engineering students while there is no lowland natural forests existence left in Java Island. “I know you must be tired because you have to go far from Java. We give you all of this material, so that at least you will be pleased with this activity and this must be useful for your next research”, told Dr. Endah Sulistyawati to students. On the other hand, Dr.Yoyo Suhaya as a practicum lecturer expected that this field study could be a valuable experience for all students and assistants, also he expected the students (as foresters to be) to be able to identify real condition of Indonesia’s tropical natural forest  and their ecological interactions.

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